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About Us

We are happy to introduce you to Surge Transport Inc. established in 2005. Surge Transport has been in business for over 7 years. We are an Asset based transportation company that can take care of all your transportation needs. All our equipment is satellite tracked and that makes communicating to our drivers promptly available. We have a well-established track record and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction. We offer great service at a very competent price and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our service.
Surge Transport provides specialized transportation services to many different industries including : Aerospace, Food, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing. We enjoy an established network of clients in North America.
We have experienced tremendous growth due to our employees. Surge Transport is a dynamic atmosphere where our staff are industry professionals that are committed to their job and service to their Customers. Our staff is up to date with all respective legislation and market conditions. All our team members are loyal and we enjoy a nearly almost nonexistent staff turnover.
We focus on developing win-win relationships with our Customers. We provide a number of services that our customers benefit from. If you would like any information on how we can help your transportation/supply chain needs please call us at 1-866-330-4515

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